Monday, September 1, 2008

what a day

The weekend at my folks' house was mostly fun. My little sister, Dancing Queen (DQ for short), was so sweet. She kind of sensed that my parents were kind of ignoring me and Big A (i.e. they hermited themselves into their bedroom for a nap/play on the computer while Moose was napping) so she offered to take us out to supper. She is just so amazingly giving. I know my parents didn't mean to ignore us and I know that grandparents really want to see their grandkids, but it just kind of hurt my feelings that we were going to sit around, watch tv, and eat leftovers (not even as a family...just a fix-it-if-you-want-it type of deal). Maybe I'm weird.
Anyway, we had an amazing time with DQ and her boyfriend, V. He's a sweet boy, too. We hope he sticks around for awhile.
We left my parents' today around 1 or so, so we could make it home to relax before tomorrow. We made it most of the way home, but stopped in Ltown at Wal-mart for milk and diapers. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, we noticed our car was a lot louder than normal. Then we didn't make it 200 yards when something started dragging under our car. Great, I thought. Big A pulled to a safe place & got out to inspect it; a piece of our muffler came loose. So we drive over to Wendy's parking lot & Big A pulls the car up on the curb. (thank God this happened in Walmart, not on the interstate)
In the meantime, about 50-100 people all drive by and stare...just STARE at us. It got on my nerves. Like, don't people stop for people who are under the hood/front end of a car? The ones that made me most upset were these 2 guys who came out of Wendy's & watched us all the way to their car, then sat in their car, seriously staring at us for about 3 minutes before taking off. If you think someone needs help, better to ask than not.
Anyway, then we decided to go to Menard's to get a clamp and some baling wire. We got across this intersection, when Moose opened our trunk & hit the alarm on our car...I run back over to shut the trunk. Then this guy came out of nowhere really. He said he was from a town about 15 minutes from where we live and wondered if we needed some help or a ride home. I swear he was the answer to my prayers. Just moments ago I had asked God for just a little help, please. And His answer was in the form of Mr. G.
So I took Moose inside & we sat with Mrs. G and their daughter while Mr. G drove Big A to Menard's to buy the necessary parts. They got the wire to hold it up there (and it made it all the way home). Then they said they were headed back from where we came from in the same direction we were going, so if we broke down they would pick us up.
God just amazes me...when I overreact and He provides, it's like He says..."honey, just trust me. I always take care of you." And He does. I know He does.
But we made it to my in-law's where my brother-in-law looked at the car & found an oil leak, too. So! Luckily, a mechanic works across from the A-team family's feed store, so Big A works there tomorrow so he'll ask the Napa guy to look at the car. Let's hope it all gets taken care of! And now we're boys are in bed and that's where I'm headed.
What a crazy weekend! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to congratulate me; I appreciate the love. And I really appreciate Mrs. R - she's so generous!
Hope your weekend was wonderful and your week doesn't make you wish the weekend were here too soon.


angie said...

I LOVE that you are going to pay it forward with the necklace if you win!

Heather said...

God is so good!

Tiffany said...

Wow, what a weekend!

Your sister sounds so sweet, which doesn't surprise me!

Mrs. S said...

It sure surprised me, Tiffany! ha

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