Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my parents

Big A & I were watching one of those cheesy car chase shows on Spike TV the other day. I realized that I missed "Rescue 911." I loved that show in all of its 1990s cheesiness!

Then it occurred to me that many of my fond memories of my parents were spent around the television. "Friends," "ER," "90210," "Rescue 911," "Wings," "Seinfeld," and I'm sure many many other hours of my childhood were spent huddled around the "boob tube" (as my grandmother lovingly referred to TVs). I even remember after hearing the news that my mom's dad passed away, my dad and I cried, then sat down and laughed through "Friends" (hey, we all cope in various ways; laugh to forget your tears).

Of course, that wasn't all of my memories. I recall my dad being the assistant coach for my soccer league (one of the two seasons I went out). I remember watching my dad play slowpitch softball for his then-company team (he was an outfielder, just like me!). My parents spent countless hours driving us and teammates to softball games and tournaments only to sit in the sweltering sun and watch us play (or not). They even traveled twice to St. Louis for tournaments.

My mom was at every junior high and JV volleyball game I ever played (my dad worked during those hours), while they both came to each Varsity game I ever sat bench for. They frequented concerts and shows for one-act plays, choir, and band. My mom even watched me (and my sister) compete in the State Speech contest my sophomore year (we did terribly). My parents only got to see one of my college softball games in the fall season...and I sat the bench. Always made me upset when my parents drove distances to watch me not play (but they loved me that much).

The latter of these memories are my favorites. My mom was always fiercely protective of us girls. She has had her moments with coaches who weren't being fair (we were all decent athletes who didn't always get the playing time we deserved). There are countless pictures from my dad of me playing volleyball and softball, singing and playing the flute, marching in the band and cheering as the mascot with the cheerleaders. They have always been my biggest cheerleaders themselves and love me throughout it all, despite my mediocre athletic abilities. They were just as proud of my straight As and summa cum laude college graduation as they were when I caught a fly ball and threw a girl out at home base (from left field).

I hope that as I'm the parent now, Moose will remember me as his biggest cheerleader, his practice buddy, his shoulder to cry on (let's face it, little boys cry too), and his mother who is so proud of him already.


EmmaP said...

what a cute tribute to your parents and the oldie-but-goodie tv shows! Funny what certain things triggers our memories. Love the wedding pic, btw. You are GORGEOUS!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Such a great post. Sounds like you've got great examples to follow.

Big boys need to cry to once in a while and Moose will be lucky to have a mom that's "there".

Angie said...

Aww, what a nice post! I remember watching The Price Is Right with my great-granny back when I was like 4. Me and my little brother use to watch The Dukes of Hazard together everytime it came on.
I didn't do sports or cheerleading or girl scouts or anything lie that when I was growing up, there was never the money for that sort of thing. But I was in plays and things like that and may family always sat out in the audiance. I have this one home movie of me in a school Christmas play at about 16 and you can hear my little sister shout out "Look mommy, there's Ang!!!!" then she starts waving and screaming "HI ANG!!!!!!!", it was really cute.
Anyway, I'm sure your little boy already knows that you're his biggest fan, there is something very special about the bond between a mother and her sons. Enjoy him extra right now because before you know it, he'll be 17!


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