Wednesday, September 17, 2008

happy birthday to me....

I'm finally going to participate in Mama Kat's Writers Workshop (Thursday). I'm excited!
I chose topic #2
Describe a childhood birthday.
For my 5th birthday instead of (although my mom denies this) a birthday party like my older sister had and my younger sister would have later, I spent the night at a girls' house (she couldn't stay at my house because her mom and my dad went to school together and her mom claims my dad pinched her boob once. My dad wouldn't touch her mom - trust me!). That's all. No petting zoo like Wild C
hild got. No Amigos class birthday party like Drama Queen got. Nope, that's all.
Skip ahead to my 19th birthday (that's right...14 years later, my friends). I'm at college of course, and I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday. I come home late one night from Big A's dorm room and what do I find?? My friends had decorated my entire room for me! It wasn't a party, by any means, but no one had ever done anything for my birthday (no matter how many times my mom denies I had a birthday party...where's the proof, Mom? No pictures and you don't even remember what we did)! I felt so special. I wish I had the pictures to show you beca
use there was a banner and balloons and 19 signs everywhere. It wasn't a Super Sweet Sixteen or anything but it made me the happiest girl.
AGAIN skip ahead to my 21st birthday. No, I did not hire a party bus to take me and my friends to bars to get smashed. Mind you, I was pregnant and I don't drink - so that really wouldn't have been much fun. I was going to hang out with my very best friend, Mrs. Spiderlegs - then Miss Washer. As I walk in the door....

She threw me a surprise party! *sigh* How sweet was that? And I was completely oblivious (because that's how I am). Most of my friends were there, there were cards, and cake. I doubt I'll ever have a surprise bday party again BUT even if I do, I don't know that anyone could top this one. It wasn't expensive or elaborate, but it was fun and spontaneous and thoug

Birthdays don't always get recognized as they should with a celebration (sometimes it's a few gifts and my favorite movie), but once in awhile very thoughtful people just blow your mind with a good surprise.


Tiffany said...

Great story!

When I turned 20, I was away at school in Oklahoma and my friends took chalk and wrote "Happy Brithday, Tiffany!" outside of all the buildings I had class in.

It was such a sweet surprise.

Anonymous said...

hehe :) I'm good

i'm the person who usually throws the suprises and is never the suprisee because I already had planned my own get together!! lol Can we say party control freak? :)


and thanks for the encouragement on my post....sometimes if i wonder if i radiate b*tch!! lol you love me regardless and i know that!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

I know about the childhood bdays!! Is so sucks! My little brothers were twin s- so they had super fabulous parties - me - not so much!!

Make sure your bdays are special in the future!!!

Mekhismom said...

How nice to have a birthday party. I have had a few - the last one almost 10 years ago. Nowadays I do something very low-key and I have never had a surprise party. There is still time!

Rhonda said...

I don't do birthday parties anymore. Some people still love them. But my 30th was a crash and burn, so I avoid people at all costs the whole month of my birthday! lol

Parents are delusional. Really. They usually have no true recollection of our childhood. I mean, really, who lives it? Us or them?

Tabi said...

What a sweet thing to do!! Sounds like you have some great friends! I bet you will always make a big deal about your child's birhtdays! My hubby never got the birthday thing either so now he makes sure we do our kids bday's up big!!

Jen said...

that a great story. I had a surprise party once and it was so great. I was totally blown away.

Solei said...

Yay for your friends!

Now remember, for YOUR kid's parties, take lots and lots of pictures. You'll need proof later!

angie said...

Ahhh......nothing says love like a surprise party! :)

Jori-O said...

Surprise parties are so great! Birthdays weren't a huge deal in my house growing up, but I try to make birthdays fun for my family. Everyone should have a great day on their birthday!

Melanie said...

I never remember having a birthday party. Therefore I avoided this choice. Great story. I'm going to start hounding my mom over the fact that I didn't get one.

Weeksie50 said...

Ugh, I am sorry about your childhood birthdays! But I am glad as an adult you have had some good suprises.. Your right. It doesn't have to be elaborate to be special.. Just a few people gathered around to say hey, you mean so much to us.. that is all that matters..


Angie said...

How sweet of your friends! My family couldn't always afford birthday parties but we ALWAYS atleast had a cake and sang "Happy Birthday To You!"
Check out my "birthday Party" story...
Oh and I almost forgot that my Grandma sent me flowers for my 15th b-day. That was the first time that I had ever had flowers delovered to me.

Mama's Losin' It said...

How did I miss this yesterday!?! So sweet...surprise parties are the best. Don't you feel so loved!?!

lifegoesbyfast said...

I can't remember any birthday parties from my childhood either! I've made sure my children have had parties with lots of pictures. Sounds like a great surprise!

Lula! said... fun. You are blessed.

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