Friday, September 5, 2008

guess what?!?!

I got a job! Yeah! I do have to take Moose to daycare....BUT I'm going to be there, too! That's right, I got a daycare position. At least a part-time one. Mornings on MWF, afternoons TTh. That works so well for me because MOPS and WIC are in the mornings of TTh so I don't have to reschedule or skip out.
I know some of you are thinking, "well good going worrying so much about getting a job." I know. I know, Mrs. Spiderlegs ;)
Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news! My God news.

Kick Ass Blogger Award

No, I didn't get an award; I'm rewarding today!
I think these lovely ladies are kick butt bloggers!

-Mrs. Spiderlegs: she always gives it to me straight, even from 1200 miles away.
-Mrs. R: her comments always light up my day.
-The A-team Mom: she is so giving of her mommy wisdom.
-Mama Kat: her blog makes me laugh daily and she's so sweet always!
-Candid Carrie: I love having Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta (and she's so adorable).

Head over here to Mr. Linky & pick up your award! Congrats & thanks to mammadawg for sponsoring this wonderful award.


jfrank said...

congratulations. I believe you will have tons of fun!!

Mrs Parks said...

Thanks for stopping by the farm and CONGRATULATIONS on your job!

I'll have to take a minute and read some more posts so I can catch up here : )

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh thanks Mrs. S.!! I bet getting that job is a huge weight off your shoulders!! And as far as your description's pretty easy to be sweet to such a sweet person. You always have kind things to say!!

Candid Carrie said...

You know that scene in Rudolph where Clarice tells Rudolph she thinks he's cute? And he starts to fly and and screams, "I'm cute, I'm cute!"

Alright, well that's me flying high, "I kick butt, I kick butt!"

It is c-c-c-cold and damn damp in Wisconsin today and you just elevated the temperature in my office by about fifteen degrees, thank you dear!

Ryan said...

Congrats! What daycare? Its the next best thing to staying home I think, since you can take the little guy there too :).

Mrs. S said...

it's just an at-home daycare here in town

EmmaP said...

Congrats on the job! It will be rewarding to be able to take your little guy with you. Btw, i never did thank you for stopping by my Blog last month. But I love coming to yours for inspiration. I am going to add you to my "Friends on the Blog" list. Hope you don't mind. Keep the faith!

Jen said...

Yeah for you!!! I am so happy for you.

Tiffany said...

You will be perfect for that job. I am sure with your sweetness, the kids will all adore you. And, how great to have Moose with you AND get to work AND get to have Moose around other kids.

My only advice is: WASH YOUR HANDS. Those kids have germs that can kill and adult. Seriously.

And of course, THANK YOU for that award. You are so stinkin' sweet.

Rhea said...

You're so sweet to pass on award love. Congrats on your new job! It sounds like it will work great, being near the Moose and working with little kids is so rewarding (hard work but fun too). Congrats!

Now shake some of your quick-finding-job dust my way because I'm searching too!

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