Monday, September 8, 2008

Daycare Diaries

Alright, Mama Kat, move over...there's a new daycare provider in town... Ok yeah right. I am no where near as skilled a provider as she is nor do we live in the same area code, let alone town.
But my first day went well. I fed Moose before we left so there was one less kid to feed. I filled out paperwork & tried to keep the 3-year-old, Miss J, from bossing or carrying the little ones. As kids filed in until about 8:30 or so, I just played and talked to Mrs. H, the owner.
Moose did much better than anticipated. I thought he'd be insanely jealous, but he played well with others (mostly) and didn't cry much. Only once did he get jealous & that was in the morning when there weren't so many kids around.

Here are the players:
Mrs. H - owner, mother to Mr. M and Miss T
Miss J - sassy 3-year-old who likes to be an adult but also wanted her mom
Mr. B, Mr. T, and Miss A - sibs from a family of 10 kids. Mr. B is 4 and can barely talk, needless to say neither can T or A. Cute kids, not very disciplined.
Mr. R - cute kid, only crawls, just under 1. Patient when he waits for food!
Miss B - very petite gal but can be a bully. Almost 1.
Mr. M - Mrs. H's son. 5-6 months. Kids love him. Content baby.
Mr. C - cried all day. Just over a year. Yeah...just cried. Parents still only feed him baby food and so he just only had a bottle while I was there.
Miss L - very polite lil girl. Almost 2. Likes to climb on things (table, couches)
Moose - very content to play around others, doesn't like to share but does well when distracted.

I like the daycare itself. Just a small house used only for the daycare. The only thing I really disliked about this morning was that the tv was on the entire time I was there except for the last 1/2 hour. Mrs. H said it was for background noise but kids don't need that. It just was kind of annoying because the kids & toys make so much noise, that just got to be too much. *shrug*
**I didn't notice this until my mom asked me about it, but there was also not one book in the whole place. I guess I need to make a trip to the library or bring a few from home to read**

There is only one kid that's potty trained -or even trying to do so (and 3-4 over 2 1/2 years), Miss J. She's so stinking cute, too! Just overbearing sometimes. She loves to hold the baby, Mr. M. I just didn't like her to be the one to pull Moose away from the tv - that's my job as his mother and mine and Mrs. H's job as the daycare women.
I think that maybe my only problem would have been that I can kind of be overbearing. I'm not afraid to tell kids not to climb on toys, especially after Mr. C climbed on a toy for toy cars & fell off, hurting his head. When he did it again, I said no. I'm not afraid to tell kids no when they tackle another one - Moose or not! Miss A liked to do that and even Miss B, who is a petite little gal, tried to take on Moose!! Funny. I guess saying no is part of the job, too, I've just never had to tell other kids that.
I had to change 3 poopie diapers & one wet one (2 were Moose's). Not too bad! Especially if they all mostly poop in the morning, Tuesdays & Thursdays will be my favorite days! ha! And, no worries Tiffany, I did wash my hands...numerously.
Anyway, I don't think it went too terribly. I'll keep you updated.


Mama's Losin' It said...

Sounds like things went pretty well! Although I'm not a fan of the tv on either. We don't even have one in the play room. And who wants that background noise...maybe she could play some music. But I guess there is not much you can do.

Yay for you and your new job!!

angie said...

Glad the first day went well. I'm a bit surprised about the TV and lack of books......looks like have some great ideas to make it better already!

Tiffany said...

Yeah for your first day!

I'll send you some books to take over, we've got a ton.

I also need Moose's size, I have something to send you.

There is so much great music for kids! And, it's a much better background noise then tv!

Glad you washed you hands, and that you had some fun!

Rhea said...

glad it went well! And that you finally found the books. lol

Glad Moose did well too, that's so important.

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