Friday, September 19, 2008

camo purse!!

Go here to enter at Angie's blog to win this:
She made this cute little camo purse HERSELF. Do you hear me? Herself! How? I don't know but it's cute as...well, a purse. So I know you'd love to beat me at a giveaway so go enter. Now.

Found another giveaway at SITS (aren't they amazing?). Go there and you could win
this cute lil baby blanket! Even if you don't have a baby, you could give it to someone who does (or is going to) OR use it for your legs. It looks so soft!


Rion said...

That little purse does look quite nifty.. geez.. I can hardly sew two pieces of fabric together, let alone a purse.

Rion said...

I used Adobe Photoshop CS2.. I really enjoy making banners and whatnot.. one of my little computer hobbies thats useful. If you have photoshop, my way of outlining font is to rastersize the type, then edit stroke outside the item.. if you dont.. well my microsoft paint way to make cool font that you could see easily was to make a background color the color you wanted say.. black.. then make a white font and put it just near the black.. well.. I dont know if you can do that either with paint actually.. is a photoshop like tool that is free that does good stuff to make banners.

Heather said...

That purse is sooooo cute!!

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