Wednesday, August 6, 2008

stir crazy

Big A is NOT - let me repeat - NOT an inside person. Sure, he can take one heck of a nap sometimes & lounge while watching tv. BUT overall, he LOVES the outdoors.
So....this unemployment bit isn't going so well for him. Yesterday (only technically day 2 of no job), he did the job search again but then decided our living room needed rearranging. Let's just say after 3 different tries and an hour or so, our living room is right back where it started minus the plastic-drawer-thingy that he moved about a foot.
The boy is stir crazy when he's inside & doesn't have to be. Now, he can go on vacation & not work, he's not a workaholic. And he could be a teacher or stay-at-home dad, for real. However, it's this whole not knowing what we're going to do with the rest of our lives bit that has him going wacko.
Thankfully, after our doctor's appointment today (for Moose, the tubes are still in), Mr. Spiderlegs invited him to go golfing (don't worry, it's free...we're still being responsible). Hopefully that will settle him down enough so he can sit right where my butt is warming up the computer chair & get down to that job search again. FYI, I too have been job searching. There's not much out there without experience.


Givinya De Elba said...

Hi Mrs S. You said on Buried With Children that you haven't had your saucy day yet, so I thought I'd pop over here to check out S Club 3 before you do! Good to get in early. Will your family grow into S Club 7, I wonder? Looking forward to finding out as the years go by. You could take Jen's example and try a few sets of multiples to get the whole S Club 7 thing done quicker, if you want! (Sorry. Kidding.)

Mama's Losin' It said...

You sound like you guys are doing everything you can to get ahead...just remember to enjoy each other!! Everything will fall into place...

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