Saturday, August 2, 2008

quick (not so up to date) update

Alright I'm back from my trip. My blog is not refreshing itself correctly so it looks like no one has blogged since I left; I doubt that. Alright, here's the update.
1. Illinois is beautiful but HOT HOT HOT and HUMID! More humid than hot, really.
2. The housing there is expensive.
3. We wouldn't get paid much so we don't know if we can afford it.
4. Big A's boss, Mr. Pessimistic, assumed we would take the job so he "made other plans." Neither of us knows what that means, but hopefully Monday will shed some more light on the situation
5. We don't even know if Big A has a job with Mr. P right now. "Other plans" could mean so much. Mr. P said it was hard to have someone working for him who was applying for jobs & could leave any time.
6. We wouldn't leave at any time. I understand that we could leave some time, but we would transition.
7. I'm very angry with Mr. P for being a very not-so-nice-name to my devoted husband who has worked his butt off for Mr. P for 2 years (plus working previously for him). We know Mr. P has made some serious cash off of Big A's sweat.
8. I do NOT like people (ANYONE) to be mean to my husband. I'm protective....very protective. Big A is lucky I didn't give a serious tongue-lashing to Mr. P tonight.
9. Please pray that God leads us wherever He wants. That He opens doors to us and closes the ones we aren't to follow through. If that means staying in NE, so be it. If that means draining our savings to move to IL & live off of no money, so be it. Something's gotta give.

Will post pictures of St. Louis & such at a later date. Sorry this is so crappy. Just kind of an upsetting vacation.

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yumi's mommy said...

A little bit of both... I am mostly staying with them for company and b/c we missed each other all summer. We didn't have to pay rent for Peru this summer, just a storage fee, but we have to start paying as of whatever day I move back in, so we are putting that off until right before Jeff comes home. Plus... I don't have a car, so if I were in Peru, I would be stuck in the apartment, and the A/C isn't in the window and it is much to big and heavy for any one person to move, let alone any pregnant person... :(

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