Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the power of prayer

We've all heard about the power of prayer.
I know it's true, too. If it weren't true then my son wouldn't be how he is today.

When I was 5 months pregnant, Big A & I were going to Walmart & a movie with friends. We had had quite a bit of snow the night before and earlier in that day. It had stopped & the sun was out. We were less than 10 miles out of our destination when Big A took the cruise control off of our big pickup, Eleanor. She was a big silver half ton Dodge club cab. Beautiful truck.... .... Anyway. Just as he took the cruise control off, we hit some black ice.
We were in a 2-lane highway in the right lane.
Our back end swerved to the left, taking the truck right along.
We swung back to the right, then turned around with our tailgate to the north (we were headed north).
We slid over to the shoulder of the road.
At this moment I knew this wasn't very good.
In a split second we were on the roof. Talk about scary.

Then just as soon as it had all started, it ended.

As I hung in my seatbelt with my belly hanging with me, my first instinct was to think of Big A. I knew I was fine; I didn't feel hurt at all. I asked Big A if he was okay and he assured me he was.
Then we tried to get out.
Just as soon as we "landed," there were people by our side. A man was about to cut me out of my seat belt when Big A reached over to unbuckle me. I gently let myself down and crawled out the door with Big A following me.
A girl, Carrie, I had class with was right there with her mom. It felt nice to have someone I at least recognized there. We waited forever for a cop to get there. I waited while Big A talked to the cop about the accident... I waited in Carrie's mom's SUV.
As soon as the cop got done with the report or whatever, we headed to the hospital. We walked in the ER and they took me upstairs to check on the baby. It felt like forever for the lady to hook me up to the monitor.

And at last...thump thump....thump thump....
That was all I needed to hear. My baby was okay.

A week or two later, Big A and I were at a Weekend to Remember conference. During the portion where they talked to mommies (or mommies-to-be), the speaker told us a story about how she had been 5 months pregnant and had accidentally rear-ended someone. She lost her baby.
I knew the same could have happened to me and my baby, my little moose (at that time, we didn't know if he was a she or a he, so we called the baby Baby Cale). Prayer and God had saved my baby. Not only that but months later, I would find out that he had 10 fingers, 10 toes, one nose, 2 eyes, and one pee-pee (haha) - just like every other normal baby.
Thanks, Lord.

When did you have a prayer answered? Are you waiting for a prayer? Can I pray for you?


Ryan said...

Our whole Seattle move was completely in Gods hands.. I mean when I first told David that we could save up and move (next) summer.. It just came out and I hadnt even had that thought before! So well, I had to go with it! I planned to move in June. We never would have had the money by then for the actual move plus living until one of us had a job.
David got his boeing job.. he got the choice between 2 positions.. the position he didnt choose got cut, and they paid to move us here. Everything went as smoothly as we could ever have hoped, and we moved when we were originally planning. It was amazing. I mean, thats not just coincidence, thats God answering the "Oh please let this work" prayer in the best way he ever could have! I mean geez what else would I have needed! We survive with me not working right now off David's pay, we have fun, we're so much closer since its only us.. its amazing!

Tiffany said...

This is such a sweet post. The fact that you ask if you can pray for us.. that got me a little choked up.

Your kind spirit is always so evident in all your posts.

I'm good, but I do know a family who just lost their 2 year old to cancer. I know they've got tons of people praying for them, but one more couldn't hurt.

Lula! said...

Loved reading when people give God His due glory.

I have so many answered prayers it would take days for me to list all of them!

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