Friday, August 29, 2008


Lately our job search has had some interesting opportunities.
A friend of Mr. Pessimistic's called & said he has some work that he could use some help with at least until October. We'd have to move out to the panhandle of Nebraska & live in a small house (I think with this guy) without cable. Alright, I can deal with that as long as there's a yard & I have my PS2 to play movies in.
Our landlord told me that he was talking to a friend of his who is a carpenter/farmer. He said he's swamped with work & could use some help. Big A doesn't have carpentry experience but he's a quick learn and hard worker.
Big A got a call from the Retsacnal county (backwards in case they google Big A or something) correctional facility. It was kind of an impromptu interview. He should hear back on that job sometime in the next 2 weeks.
He still has some applications out with the Forest Service, but there doesn't seem to be much hope there.
And we did put in our resumes and a cover letter with the same place our best buddies are working at now in Virginia. I'm going to call about that job next week to make sure they got our stuff & to be proactive.

Then today, I got a call while I was napping with Moose. I ignored it *giggle*....I was sleeping! Anyway, they left a voicemail message. It was this small publishing house I'd applied for awhile back. Funny thing is, the human resource manager graduated from my high school a year before me. We did speech duet acting and OID together, did one-act we were kind of close in high school. But it was awkward on the phone because she was all professional & stuff. We did play phone tag for awhile today & I talked to Big A to see if he wanted me to interview. It's a phone Friday afternoon. I asked him tonight if he'd want me to take the job if I got offered it. Of course, I wouldn't take it on the spot. But he told me that it depended on what it paid.
That kind of bums me out. I know I've been applying for jobs but mostly because I feel obligated to do so. I mean, we're both out of jobs, shouldn't we both be working? But I don't want to be away from Moose...I just don't. I love staying at home, getting to play with him, learning with him, teaching him and learning from him. It's the most amazing experience of my life.
So what now? I have no clue. I hope they just have someone more experienced or something. But I'm qualified for the position, I know I am.
This is kind of making me more determined to sell my scrapbooks. Of course, not my own but ones that I would make for others. My aunts were over this week & were looking at my baby scrapbooks & said I should sell them online. My neighbor (the loud ones) are moving & having a garage sale in a few weeks and are advertising in the paper. She suggested we have one at the same time; so maybe I'll put some out to see if there's any interest & go from there. Wouldn't it be sweet to make some money making scrapbooks? It's something I love doing, it's not super hard for me, and I have the time (mostly). And right now I'm out of my own pictures (and money to get prints of pictures) so I have to take a hiatus from my own anyway. I guess we'll see.

Please guide us in these hard decisions. We want only to follow Your path; it's just not entirely clear where that is leading to. Sometimes we lose our footing; please carry us. Take our worries (I'm tired of my hair falling out)....You say Your yoke is easy; that's what I desire. I know I'm not strong enough at times to carry my own burdens, but You are. Thank You for that; I know You want us on Your path. Show us the way.

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Tiffany said...

I know it's hard with so much up in the air, but with your open heart and mind, I know you will end up on the right path.

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