Wednesday, August 27, 2008

is it the weather?

Why are so many of us bloggers hitting a wall lately? Is it the weather? Are we beginning to be so close that we are like sisters and it's that time of the month (only partially kidding...that'd be weird)? Is it the school year (which would provide those with school-aged children something to write about you'd think)?

I don't know why I'm at a loss. Moose has done plenty of cutesy things lately: sitting in a box (crying to be let into a box, first off), chewing on a tooth brush for 1/2 hour....there are cuter things, I'm just (again) at a loss.

I could tell you about the dead mouse I found at the bottom of my basement stairs. And how I was so freaked out, I left the washer lid open...and it filled with water. Now my basement stinks.

I could whine (yes, Becky, whine haha) about how much I miss my friend. Or about how scared I am about our whole job situation (it feels like no one else has ever been in this position). Or how about how my aunts are visiting tomorrow?? That may bring on a post in itself.

We are going to the State Fair & home to see my parents this weekend. Maybe that will inspire me. Until then, don't expect much, but some love at this point may spark something. I'll continue to comment myself, too.


Party of 5 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blgo today.

Yeah I think the weather has a lot to do with it. I know it's been frying my brain. LOL

Anonymous said...

my godson sure is hilarous. :) you could blog about him and post more pics.. :)

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