Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta

No one saw this yesterday so I'm counting it as Friday's post!
Today Moose & I were in Dillard's with the Spiderlegs. They were looking at watches, so I let Moose down to walk. He eventually found the ladies, toddling over to the sales ladies chatting. One of them goes, "Oh hey there Charlie Brown!" I must have looked questioning at her because she goes to the other lady, "Doesn't he look like Charlie Brown?" I thought about it and, she's right! He does with his clear hair (basically, it's transparent)! Very funny I've never noticed that.

Then a little girl walked by with her mommy and Moose stepped out of their way to let them through. Another sales lady commented on how nice he was, already a gentleman. little gentlemen (takes after his daddy...who still opens my car door after 4 years).

EDIT: Someone super smart (possibly my best friend) gave me a very smart idea (one that I somehow overlooked): dress Moose up as Charlie Brown for Halloween!!!! What a great idea.


Candid Carrie said...

Can you possibly get him to kick a football?

I mean with his Halloween costume on, maybe?

Jo-Jo said...

I think Carrie s right....great idea for Halloween!

Lori said...

AWWW! I'll be checking back for the Halloween pictures! He's adorable.

Kelly said...

He does make a perfect Charlie Brown!!


What a cutie! He'd make an adorable Charlie Brown.

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