Thursday, August 7, 2008

back to square one

Moose is a champ at nap time and bed time. least he used to be.
Then our stupid vacation screwed everything up.
I guess he likes sharing a bed with us. The warmth. The chance to stick his butt in my face.
So now that life is semi back to normal (and I seriously mean semi), Moose should be getting back into his schedule.
Up at whenever he wakes up (7-8 now...woohoo or 6 like today). I won't lie, today at 6, I was tired so I brought him into bed with me for another 2 hours. Oops. Not a good idea, I know.
Anyway so it's 11:30 and he's falling all over the place with his thumb in his mouth. We go upstairs to his room and we sit in his rocking chair. I get out our Peter Rabbit storybook. I'm reading about Ginger and Pickles and he falls asleep.
I start to put the book down, he opens his eyes and whines. I pick the book back up and read the rest of the story (or most of it...he's 1, he doesn't know if I skip a few paragraphs). He's asleep *suck suck suck suck* is all I hear.
I pick him up and lay him in his crib. He puts his feet on the side and I cover him up. *WAAAA*
He's awake. I pick him back up with the blanket and he instantly falls asleep.
I put him down again. *WAAA*
I leave for about 2 minutes. Still bawling.
I go back in there & scold him (again, 1 doesn't understand me at all). I pick him up and we rock in the chair. I lay him down again and put the side of his crib up.
I hate the side of the crib but I'm just not tall enough to put him in when it's up without dropping him (well....nah).
So I let him cry. To avoid listening and cringing, I go get the mail. Nothing good.
He's finally asleep after close to a half an hour of trying to put him down so I sneak in to cover him up (with this really cozy blanket Mrs. Spiderlegs made for him!!).
I know it could be worse, but I miss my champ.
I guess we'll have to do the whole crying it out thing again.

Back from square one.


Insane Mama said...

Did you change around your blog?? Me like. About Moose, my kids did this too, I think it's a conspiracy that they plan. Is he taking two naps a day? If he is, maybe he is ready for one long nap instead of two.

They are so cuddly in bed, but sometimes you need your space, I feel your pain

FarmGirl said...

Hang in there...the dreaded recoop from vacation....we were just there last week. Trying to get my child up before 9 has now become a morning battle. Today wasn't so bad, but patience....which I seem to have less as I get older, Moose will be back to normal again! Happy bloggin!

Mrs. S said...

Moose does take 2 naps, but I don't know how to get him to take only one nap. He only sleeps for an hour at a time.

His 2nd nap today went a lot better!! Still cried, but less.

Shannon said...

oh randi! loved it! i laughed a bunch, and it's probably not funny to you but i can picture the whole thing! :) thanks for sharing.

PS: this is going to be really cryptic so i'm sorry...but you said something to be a long time ago about the kind of guy i wanted to marry...i don't know if you remember what it was or not, but i wanted to say thanks for saying it. it really sticks in my head and now everytime i think about relationships i remember your comment and smile because you were right and i feel like God is using you to remind me to wait for His perfect will. :) so thanks for being used by God in my life. ;)

Jen said...

oh don't tell me that. We are going to leave in a week for a 4 day trip, the babies first. They such good sleepers now. I am kinda freaking out about this whole camping idea. Who's was it any way? Oh yeah, mine.

Insane Mama said...

Just tro to skip the morning nap and start the afternoon nap a little earlier, he is probably ready for it. My kids were at that age.

Tiffany said...

I am with insane mama.. try to keep him up in the morning and then give him a nice afternoon schluffy as we call it.

Girl, you are doing a great job. How much you care is inspiring. Trust your instincts and trust yourself.

You know that boy and what he needs better than anyone.

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