Monday, August 25, 2008

10 things...

I got tagged a long time ago but didn't realize it. I can't remember who tagged me (sorry) or what exactly the tag was (sorry again). SO I'm going to make up my own fun little game-thing.

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I love to act. I have been the lead actress in 3 one-act plays, 1 1/2 musicals (one got canceled before we could even get it all memorized...story for another day), 4 oral interpretations of dramas, and 3 duet acting events.

2. My first date was a blind double date (my best friend was dating our foreign exchange student, my date was a friend of his). We went to see Shallow Hal.

3. I cussed in the delivery room (just once, just as Moose was coming out...). would too if your kid was 9lbs 8oz! haha (ok maybe I'm just a weenie).

4. I have made 18 scrapbooks since I was in junior high. Three of those (so far) are for Moose.

5. Big A & I met playing sand volleyball outside my dorm room. I can still remember his big blue eyes from that very day. He pursued me from there on after: asked a mutual friend & my RA about me. He tried to find my room but chickened out when it came to knocking. Our next meeting was an FCA meeting. Our first date was to Alien vs. Predator (it was a free movie our college was hosting). I took my roommate (my husband is 6'4" and a big muscular guy - he could have been mean or something - he turned out to be a teddy bear).

6. Two of my best friends in high school stole a guy I liked...the same guy. I ended up being really good friends with the guy until I went to college.

7. I love Little House on the Prairie. I wish we had TBS so I could watch it in the mornings. I have also read all of those books in the original series.

8. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior in 5th grade. I didn't fully understand the meaning of that until college. I now walk daily with Him.

9. I am in the midst of writing a children's series. Of course, they are based on my experiences with Moose. I'll let you know when I reach the top on the New York Best Sellers list. :)

10. I love Star Wars! When I was a kid, my dad worked the night shift at a factory while going to college. He would come home at night, I would get up, and we would fall asleep in our living room watching one of the original movies. We also went to see Episode III in the theaters together.

I really want to do a Q&A day but I'm not sure I have enough readers. Hopefully this can kill some curiosity about me that you have (haha). Or at least it was fun.


Insane Mama said...

Do you have a book published yet? Because I would buy it.

and I have TBS and I do watch the morning shows, they NEVER get old.

Ryan said...

Haha, yeah Anthony wouldnt hurt a fly. He's always been a nice guy. I cant remember a time he was a meanie, and I've known him since kindergarden!

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