Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wordy Wednesday

I Am
not always the Christian woman I want to be
I Want
to move away from here...even if only for awhile
I Have
the best friend (yes, Laura Jean, you)
I Wish
I could make a living making scrapbooks
I Hate
how stubborn people can be
I Fear
that my aforementioned best friend will find a new best friend
I Hear
a calling from God...I just can't understand all the time
I Search
the internet for people I know
I Wonder
if my mother-in-law will ever understand she's old enough to be a grandma
I Regret
high school
I Love
I Ache
for my best friend's heart's desire
I Always
cry when I'm mad
I Usually
stay in my pjs all day
I Am Not
who my mother wishes I was
I Dance
slowly with my husband
I Sing
to myself & Tristan
I Never
do karaoke
I Rarely
get my fill of dancing at wedding receptions
I Cry
when I watch Click, Juno, Legends of the Fall, & The Passion
I Am Not Always
on time...I hate that
I Lose
my mind some days
I'm Confused
about where God wants me in life
I Need
a good cold beer...the root kind (shh...I thought it was clever)
I Should
finish making cards for....many things

The end....and I'm tagging:
Stretch Marks
Insane Mama
Our Cozy Nest
American In Norway


Insane Mama said...

Oohh! Fun one! I'll get on it this weekend

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tag, I will try to get to it on Saturday. I enjoyed reading yours.

Lill said...

Thank you for being so honest with us and yourself.....I relate w/alot of your responses....

Melissa Lee said...

Hey! I loved this! What a great idea. Okay, I will do it sometime soon...very soon.

However, these are the kind of things that you want to hold on to for a day when you are a blank slate. Know what I mean?

Those days have been coming closer and closer together, let me tell ya.

Thanks for thinking of me. And letting me copy you in the near future. Keep dancing with your man!

Melissa at Stretch Marks

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