Sunday, July 13, 2008

wild & crazy kids

Friday after work & Saturday after work at the store, Big A went to help our friends, the A-team, with their roof. So while he got to be high up there on the farm house roof, Moose & I got to play with Mama T, Peach, & Birdie. Well, Birdie is only 6 months or so, so she just watched us! I got to have some good adult conversation, which is always nice. Moose got to play (and "share" a little) with someone his own size, if not his own age (Peach is about a year older).
Mama T fed us some GOOD food Friday night, and we all stayed up way past bedtime! Moose was pooped; he let me put in his ear drops with very little fussing and fell right back asleep.
Saturday was a long day, I won't lie. Long days can be fun days, too. The morning was just beautiful besides the rain. But even the rain was just refreshing.
Moose even took 2 naps in Birdie's crib (he hardly sleeps anywhere anymore besides his very own crib). At lunch all the roof hands came in to eat sandwiches while the two older kiddos ate in their high chairs. After naptime, me, Mama T, Birdie, & Moose sat outside on a blanket to watch Papa S and Big A and the 2 other guys put something on the roof (I know nothing of the roofing was black & they put green tabby things in it....whatever).
We got to play in the sandbox. Moose ate sand....then grass. He loves their dog, too...well, he loves any dog. Moose also got to see chickens, which he thought was hilarious. I think that makes Big A want to own chickens even more someday....gross. Not that I won't mind fresh eggs & meat, it's just the work that goes into butchering. Sick.
What I won't mind someday is the big open yard like that. I'd love to have a place where Moose can run around and have a pool (big dreams guess is it'll be a kiddie pool) or sandbox or swing set.
I'm tired today. But God did settle my heart a bit from my last post. I got to have some quiet time while everyone else napped. Now if only I get a nap in today, it'll be wonderful!

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:( we missed you guys this was boring without you.

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