Thursday, July 10, 2008

stuck in a rut

I'm so ready for vacation! Lately I have felt like I am just running ragged. This past week was kind of stressful on me with the doctor's visit & tube surgery. Plus, it was right after the 4th of July which was kind of hectic in itself.
Big A and I have gotten into a rut where I feel like we just aren't talking like we need to. It seems our time together is less intimate and meaningful than it was and should be. He gets up while we're still sleeping and goes to work out before work. He comes home and we eat and watch tv or chat awhile. He goes to bed around 9 to get up and do it all over again the next day. It's totally not all his fault either; I don't have much to say these days either. My life is pretty much a continual string of nothingness in regards to what I do each day.
Moose & I may take a walk or go to the library or grocery store. Other than that, we play at home and....well, that's it. I try to set up play dates, but any SAHMs I know that live in the same town are the type to say "hey I'll call you" and then don't.
For instance, Erin. She & I went to college together and had a few classes together, were pregnant around the same time, etc. She goes for walks, is trying to walk 1,000 miles by the end of the year or something. I've told her I'd like to walk with her and to let me know when they walk so we can meet up or something. She always says ok yeah that's great but never says when they walk. I've asked her to call me when they walk or so we can set up a play date, gave her my number. Nothing. I don't have her number to call and don't know where in town she lives, so I can't stop by or anything. The only time she's gotten in touch with me lately is to see if I can watch her son. Which would be fine but she usually emails me (and I've emailed her my cell number at least 2 times) just an hour or so before she needs someone to watch him. So both times I've had plans or am out of town, so I couldn't watch him. I would, totally. I'd love to help her out, I just wish she'd try to have more of a relationship than a baby-sitting thing. And if she doesn't want to be friends, she shouldn't insinuate that she'd like to have play dates or walk dates or whatever.
And I live in Nebraska. In a small town in Nebraska (I know you out-of-staters are thinking "they have big towns in Nebraska?" yes, Omaha and Lincoln). Now I'm a small town girl by nature and heart. I grew up in an even smaller town. I went to college in an even smaller town (yes, a small town college....weird, I know). So I know how much there is to do in a small town (and how much less there is to do when you have no money to spend).
We could go to the pool, but then it'd just be us there by ourselves. How fun (not). We could window shop (which you ladies probably know is about as fun as not eating at a buffet). We could go to the park (which we do sometimes, but he's also too little to enjoy most of it). The library (about an every-other day event). That's it. It's just one of those towns where it's boring unless you're 10 and can ride your bike around with your friends. I don't have a bike. My only in-town friend (real in-town friend) works...and yes, I bug her at work all the time!
So....I need a vacation. We think we're going to San Antonio, but last year our plans changed about 5 times before we settled on going to Colorado. We want some place close enough where Moose doesn't have to be in the car for serious amounts of time for a few days. But we won't be going at least for another month. We thought about waiting and going somewhere else (I can't remember where) in the off-season but even Big A says he won't be able to wait that long.

Until then, any ideas on stuff to do inside with Moose? Keep in mind he's 1 and puts everything in his mouth (so things like coloring...not so fun).


Anonymous said...

san antonio sounds fun!

Mar said...

I'm sorry, I totally feel your pain. I know how boring life with a toddler can be, add to that the fact that you live in a small town and i'm sure it's even worse :( Are there any programs anywhere you can join? At the library even? Somewhere where you might get a chance to meet new moms?

Hope it gets better and keep looking forward to that vacation!

Mrs. S said...

The only program at the library is for 3+ years old. They don't want toddlers at story time. *shrug*

And we do go to MOPS but that only meets once a month.

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