Friday, July 4, 2008

red, white, and....frosting?

That's right...frosting. I have spent the day decorating cakes and cupcakes. These lovely delicacies are for Moose's birthday party tomorrow (so excited!). I made the actual cakes yesterday because the weather was SO nice!

I started out decorating the cupcakes. Simple yellow.
The jelly beans we made a special trip to Lincoln for (thanks Big A).
Running low on jelly beans. Frosting will do.
Finished product plus 3 "flower" cupcakes (I ran out of yellow frosting).
The green.
Chalk the field.Plain little birthday cake.Go Big Red!
And I even had time to make a pasta salad for a 4th of July party (plus a little bit of frosting).
Phew! Now let's hope the party goes as well as the decorating. I do have to arrange the "corncobs" yet to look like actual corncobs. Will post that and actual birthday pictures later.

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