Friday, July 18, 2008

no wrestling

So Big A hurt his knee during wrestling practice so no wrestling this weekend. He's super disappointed...I think he feels like he's letting other people (i.e. me, his wrestling coach, his boss) down.

He's not.
I want him healthy and unhurt more than I'd like to see him kick some butt.
And I really just want to see his butt in a singlet.

I'm just glad it's not a serious injury. I'm sure if he were to wrestle tomorrow, it would just get worse. Poor guy. I know he was so excited about it.

Tonight we went to my friends, the Trees' wedding rehearsal. It was so fun. I always see this one girl, Bubbly, at weddings. She & I knew one another in college but she played volleyball, I (at the time) didn't play sports nor did I hang out at the party scene. But she is so open to just sharing about her life. About breaking up with her boyfriend & crying herself to sleep over it (they're ok now...just friends). I just feel like she and I get to have these deep conversations for a reason. I hope tomorrow brings me an opportunity to talk more with her. She's just so sweet. One of those people who is really nice, you just never got the chance to hang out with. Then the opportunity rises for only a moment at odd occasions.

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