Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Moose Man

This kid cracks me up daily. Not only is he the cuddliest kid ever but (sometimes) the whiniest. I know he's just too little to have words right now, so I'm biding time until I actually hear the words "feed me" or "tired." Instead of guessing what's wrong.
I have this old cell phone that was a piece of junk. I gave it to Moose when I got a new one. He LOVES this thing! However, he also likes it to be open (it's a flip phone). When it closes, he cries (at least until he loses interest). When it was turned on, he'd turn it off (unbeknownst to himself) & cry. However, I no longer turn it on for him to avoid those crocodile tears. But he still does the close cry thing. Now, at least he'll bring the phone to me and drop it on my lap instead of just crying and me going "what? what?"
And I think he's decided he does not like camera flashes. Now he squints 8/10 times I try to take a picture of him. Very cute but doesn't make for "nice" pictures.


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Lori said...

too funny.... got to love the cheese smile

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