Friday, July 25, 2008


I mentioned this very fast at the end of the "I'm an aunt" post. Here are more details.

We got the job!
One of the forest service jobs we've been praying about FOREVER! Big A finally got a call. It's in Illinois. Doesn't pay the greatest, but it's not really worse than what we have now. The big plus is, it has benefits! Woohoo! We've been without benefits since we got married - isn't that awful?
So next week sometime, we're going to take a vacation to this town in Illinois where the job is. Unfortunately, it's not near Chicago, so I don't know what fun thing we'll do on this vacation. It is probably close enough to make a day trip to Nashville, if my husband wants to.
Not only are my best friends moving to Virginia (I'm so excited for them), but we might be moving, too. Probably within the same month span, too. Very crazy. If we have to move, I'm glad we're all doing it at the same time.

On that note, I am very sad to leave my bestest friend, Mommy in Waiting (Mrs. Spiderlegs for those who read this often). If she replaces me, I'll be very sad, because I know I'll never find a friend like her. And she'd better learn to love to talk on the phone because I'm going to need her definitely while I adjust to a new place. She'll be so busy at her new job, she won't have time or energy to miss me! Ok, I'm going to stop before I start to cry. So far I've done really well with this. I just know the dam is going to burst one of these days.

Downside?? Yes there is one. No vacation this year. We're going to IL, A will meet with his potential boss, we'll look at some houses, and come home. Not that we're less than 2 hours from Nashville. Not that we could easily drive through St. Louis on the way home. Nope. A says we'll be so tired, blah blah blah. Boo to him. So I'm going to go from this apartment to a different house/apartment/something....doing the same thing. Just new location.


jeff & apryl said...

Yay a job & Benefits!!! Hooray, hooray! Let us know how it goes.

Lori said...

hope it all works out for you

Ryan said...

Aha, that is freakin amazing Randi!!! Anthony will be so happy to get out of that job hes been in and finally having that 'stability' you guys need in your life.. (well I guess you still have to work towards that part, but now you can see it on the horizon!) Only part that sucks is its not WA but IL.. LOL I cant wait to hear the story of the road trip there!

Lill said...

Congrats! God bless!

Nicole said...

Congratulations on the new job, but ya know, you ought to think about Utah. Here the 24th is a holiday, so for your hubby's birthday there would always been fun stuff like parades and fire works, just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

Just popped over to say "Hi". Congrats on the job with benefits...that is GREAT news. That will bring a lot of peace of mind I'm sure.
I hope you like Illinois...I have family there, in Manteno, and they love it. I live in St. Louis so we go to visit them and drive into Chicago. The only downside to the drive is that its pretty boring..just fields and silos...but hey, someone has to grow our food. I digress....Congratulations!

Apple Joos said...

Moving across the country is rough! Good luck!

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