Sunday, July 6, 2008

birthday mania

Moose had his birthday party on Saturday. I thought everything turned out wonderfully! If you caught my earlier post, you know about the cakes I made, but too bad, you get to see them again. Everything turned out to be a hit. The only complaint I had was to Pookie (my lil sis) who said the jelly beans didn't taste good. I don't know what she was thinking about because I used Jelly Belly beans (which are the best followed closely by Starburst jelly beans).
Here are my creations:
The corncob cupcakes. I found the recipe to decorate in Redbook magazine. It's pretty easy though. Use cupcakes and frost with light yellow frosting. Decorate with various shades of yellow/white jelly beans. The "butter" are gently shaped Starburst pieces. You're supposed to top with black and white decorating sugars but I live in such a small town, you can't find that here. But then use corn skewers for decoration.
The Husker cake: Go Big Red!! The football field cake.
I think Tristan had a good time at his party. There were other kids there, and they were playing with his toys, so I think he was like "wait, that's mine....that's mine, too....that, too." He did pretty good sharing for his age/child exposure.

His new car from Grandma and Grandpa F (my parents). I had a car very similar when I was a kid, too. I loved it so much I played in it until I had to stick my feet out the sides to fit in.
We sang the babe "happy birthday" then he got to dig in the cake.
Here I am watching vigilantly as he pokes at the frosting.
Here's my boy pigging out on his cake. The red frosting turned to pink with the white, but he still looks like a man shoving it in his face.

Some people apparently didn't get their fill on goodies....after mom said no to one more cupcake, someone picked at the fallen jelly beans (wonder who that was, ha).

I tell you what, though, my son sure is a playah! He had not one, not two, but three girls to choose from at his party! Unfortunately, Peach, the one playing with him by the fridge, is sisters with Birdie (and she's a baby). But here's a picture of another adorable little chica that's possible future daughter-in-law material (totally kidding about all this but it's so cute!). Ok so it's only the back of her head, but trust me, E is a very adorable baby with big blue eyes! The beautiful lady holding E is her aunt, Mrs. Spiderlegs.

I probably had just as much fun as the kids. Here's a shot of me and the hubby, relaxing (and sweating) during the festivities.

I was glad to have the party but even more glad to have it be over. Big A took me on a double date with the Spiderlegs. We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, and to a theater to see Hancock. Very good movie, not what you expect.

Sorry if this post looks funny. It's hard to make it look really nice with so many pictures.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Angela said...

Thank you for coming to my blog and commenting! I used to have an art & design business that specialized in children's rooms--fun! I'm trained as an artist and not an interior designer so I would only do other parts of the house if I felt comfortable with the task at hand--and only for people I had already done kids' work for.

Believe it or not, I have painted moose and its baby for a client--along with eagles, grizzlies, cows, bunnies, and birds. It was for a girl's room!

Your cakes are fabulous! How fun is the corn cob cake??? Now that is a way to make corn on the cob even better--make it cake!

Heather said... looks like he had a very fun birthday party. I've heard Hancock is a really good movie. I need to kidnap PB and take him. I love going to the movies.

Insane Mama said...

Looks like everyone had fun and he enjoyed eating his cake!

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