Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the birthday aftermath

Dear Moose,
I just wanted to let you know that, although I had a blast letting you eat cake, you do NOT get cake and sweets every day (even if Daddy & I eat them....right in front of you....and, yes, I know that's mean). You get Cheerios, dude face!
We bought you new sippy cups that aren't too hard to get liquid out of. You need to drink your formula (until I switch you over to milk, then milk) out of them - even if the cup is pink or purple (give me a break, the selection at Sunmart was sparse). I will switch between the bottle and sippy until you've gotten the hang of the sippy; I know it will take more than one day.
You are one now. You have been alive for one year (post womb). This means you know the routine of things around here pretty much. You still cannot put your hands in the heaters. I know it's summer and they are off, but when it comes winter time again, I know you'll forget they are hot and burn your fingers off.
I'm so proud of you for walking and taking more steps and getting more brave daily. But sweetheart, please stop trying to walk over my legs until you're more coordinated (which, knowing your dad, may be ya, A). It hurts when you step on my shins and it hurts me to watch you faceplant into the ground (or toys). And stop biting when I'm trying to fish something foreign out of your mouth! Stop eating Nerf footballs and Beanie Baby beans so I can stop calling Poison Control!
One more thing before I head off to bed: stop waking up so early. Or at least learn to crawl out of your crib, down the stairs (quietly so as to not wake mommy up), climb up the cupboards to pull out a bottle. Then make your own bottle and cut up some fruit for breakfast. Turn on Mr. Rogers or the news and sit quietly until Mommy is ready to maker her debut.

I still love you!

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Mar said...

great post! I remember those days so well. :) It will be fun for you to read that later on when he's older and way past all those things!

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