Saturday, July 19, 2008

beautiful wedding

Today one of my best friends got married...the Trees I was telling you about.
Oh, the ceremony was just beautiful! After the welcome & prayer, I went up to read. The pastor didn't give me any indication that he was ready (he later apologized) so after a "dramatic pause" (as the bride told the crowd), one of the bridesmaids (who was also kind of befuddled at the lack of introduction to Scripture) turned around & cued me (I was in a room off the front of the church). Then I read Ephesians 5:21-33 out of the Message Bible & Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 out of the NIV. I like the Message verses...I've honestly never read anything out of the Message. I LOVE the Eccl. verses; probably some of my favorite ones.
After I sat down, I heard Moose crying in the back so I snuck out the side to sit with him and Big A. One of my friends Skinny Mom and her son, Cute-as-a-Button (we'll call him Button for short), were back there, too. Skinny is one of those ultra-fashionable moms....something I will never be! I did look nice today & got complimented on my dress a lot (thank you Mrs. Spiderlegs).
I cried during the unity sand (I don't know what to call it) portion. I don't know if you've seen this but I'm seeing it more and more at weddings. Instead of a unity candle, couples will pour vials (or containers of a sort) of sand into a larger container to mix the sand together. Very beautiful, but I'm old-fashioned; I like the candles best!
We didn't stay long at the reception. Well, longer than normal because we were there on time. We ate (very good food!!)...then ate cake (groom's cake was angel FAVORITE!). Then they had a slide show (I cried), toasts (I cried), the first dance (I cried), the parent dance, the wedding party dance, a snowball dance thing, then some songs (I danced with Moose while Big A talked to Skinny Mom's hubby).
Then the bouquet & garter events. I love this part of the reception now because I no longer have to be singled out (no pun intended) as a single woman. Thank you Big A! (besides I'm short, I'd never catch the bouquet)
Then I got to dance with my hubby!! And son!! At the same time!! Next time I'd like one dance alone with Big A, but something is better than nothing. I just love to dance. And I especially love to waltz (foxtrot is a close second).
Anyway, then I got to dance the dollar dance with Mrs. Tree before we left.

I'm so happy for her. I pray she and her husband put the 3 Fs first in their marriage just as they had engraved on his ring (Faith Family Fidelity). Did I mention I love weddings?

PS I'm so sorry; I always forget to take pictures. I always have my camera...just not the greatest at remembering to use it. Eh!

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Lill said...

Weddings are great. I always say, "I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry, nope, not going to cry" and then I blubbler like a baby all over myself.....

I have never heard of the 'unity sand'--neat idea, I do like the unity candle ceremony though....

And yes , you need to take pics!

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