Tuesday, June 3, 2008

weird change of direction

My mom called me & said the English teacher at my high school quit suddenly, so they are in need of an English teacher. So I scoured Facebook to see if I knew of any English teacher that needed a job. There was only 1 and he's not the brightest crayon in the box, so I wouldn't recommend him. So I told my mom that if I didn't need a certification, I'd at least consider doing it. I mean, I have the training to be a teacher, just not the certificate. She was on the phone with the school secretary as we were speaking, & AK said there was a provisional thing they could do. I think that means that if they are desperate enough, they could hire a person without a certificate as long as they were working towards it. The superintendent is out of town until Thursday, so I won't even know if they would consider that for a few days. I'll keep you updated. But how weird would that be to go from staying at home with Moose to teaching at my old high school - a place I said I'd never teach. Moose would be the biggest obstacle. If I needed to teach, I could and I could take him to daycare. Problem is, I know my mom would want to watch him. I don't know if she could be as strict about him as I would be (meaning, don't feed him cookies & sugar & crap) and she couldn't smoke around him...even outside. I would not allow that. So I don't know. Maybe Big A could be a stay-at-home dad! Who knows, there is probably someone way more qualified (you know, with a certificate) they'll get. UNK is 15 miles away, how could they not have a recent grad looking to teach? But it's a thought.


insane mama said...

Tough decision, I hated putting my kids in daycare and in fact daycare in my life didn't last long. I was way too tired to be the type of mom I wanted to be when I worked full time. I agree, you can't have your mom smoking around him.
Again, tough decision!

Lori said...

hope it works out for you

Mama's Losin' It said...

Ooh...it will be interesting to see how this progresses!!!

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