Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thirteen Thursday

13 Things I Love About Scrapbooking:

1) You can step back in time

2) Putting the perfect picture in the perfect place on the perfect page

3) Stickers! I love feeling like a kid

4) The organization of it all (I'm totally Type A)

5) If I have time, I can always make one for someone else

6) I can have all the time in the world or 5 minutes & still get something done (even if it's just picking out the right paper to use)

7) There are whole stores devoted to my one hobby

8) The dream of actually selling scrapbooks for someone some day
- they would make great graduation, confirmation, baptism, new baby, wedding, etc. gifts

9) Glitter pens - reminiscent of high school

10) The look on people's faces when they look at scrapbooks....memories rush over them that are enhanced by the designs behind the pictures

11) Not only can you capture the moment in a photograph, you can tell what's happening through the scrapbook page

12) It is a neat and organized way to be a pack rat!

13) After the hours and hours I put into mine (or will now that it's been months since I've touched it and I'm a year behind), I feel really good about my accomplishment.

The only hate a few things about scrapbooking.
1) The cost of doing it (pictures, paper, all adds up)
2) Time consuming. I may be able to do something in 5 minutes but I love to do a lot in one sitting
3) Toting all of my stuff around for it. I have a tote...a very heavy tote. Inside that tote are pictures, quilting stuff, pictures, negatives (from back in the day), boxes, scissors, pens, pencils, stamps, etc, etc, etc.
4) I'm a year behind.
5) Big A doesn't really think people would buy them....


BeckyDittmer said...

People would buy them...people like me who are lazy, people like me who have no craftiness, people like me who want something right away, people like me who can't cut a straight line....I would buy them, so other people would buy them. Tell Big A that!

Heather said...

I don't scrapbook, but I love that you do!!

Mar said...

I have tried scrapbooking, and I must admit that it is just not for me. I really admire those who do it tho! I think if I tried harder with digital scrapbooking I might enjoy that but I just don't have the time.

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