Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thirteen Thursday

13 Things I Take For Granted & I Shouldn't

1. God (this includes Jesus & the Holy Spirit)
-We often think "what would life be like without _______" but how often do we think, "we wouldn't even have life without God."
2. My husband
-Read my post from a few days ago; you'll see I'm probably the luckiest girl alive.
3. My son
-A kid who sleeps through the night, loves me to pieces, and isn't mobile enough to get lost yet.
4. Sleeping past 6:00am
-T has been sleeping until at least 6:30 (the other day it was 9!)....he used to be up at 5-5:30am...every. day!
5. Life in the USA
-How many freedoms do we enjoy that we otherwise would not have elsewhere?
6. My college degree
-So many people can't afford to go to college or just can't seem to pass the classes.
7. Our vehicles
-They run. Even if the car is gold.
8. Our apartment
-We have noisy neighbors, yes. We have a roof over our heads, yes. We have a basement to go to in the event of a tornado, yes.
9. Clean water
-We all know that children in Africa don't always have this; but now people in Iowa don't always either.
10. Owning a Bible
-In some countries it's ILLEGAL to own a Bible or to spread the gospel. People do it there, but too often we are too timid where it's legal to spread God's Word.
11. Working out
-I may not love to run or work out, but I do know that some people can't workout. Working out, even a little a day can save your life (and it's not too hard to walk a mile or so...if I can do it, anyone can).
12. Living close to family
-My MIL and I may not always get along, but I know if I needed anything, she or the FIL would be there for us. Plus, we get free meat: cow, chicken, pig! Yum yum!
13. The abundance in my life
-I have enough food to feed my family, diapers for the baby, AC to cool us down (although, don't fret you green people, we try to use it as little as possible), comfy new couches, and a God who loves us even when we screw up and are mean or lazy or take things for granted.

Take a look around; what do you take for granted?

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Lill said...

I take freedoms for granted...all the time...I realize it, kick myself in the butt, and then take them for granted again.

I work from home, what a blessed blessed thing, and I take it for granted sometimes and complain and moan about work.

I could go on have a great blog and I am adding you to my blog friends! You are so real and I enjoy that.

happy followers