Monday, June 2, 2008

Super cool contest (that I want to win but you could win instead...I guess)

Check out this blog! They are having a contest...and nothing that involves how fast you can change a diaper! The prizes are as follows:
*a blog makeover
*an awesome digital camera
*digital voice recorder
*sweet t-shirt
*comfy mouse pad
*chocolate (who doesn't love that?)

Go over to the site & check out the rules. It's really easy to me, if it were complicated, I wouldn't have taken the time to do it.

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The SITS Girls said...

You just got yourself an additional 2 contest entries! Thanks so much for posting about SITS!

Check back regularly to support the featured blogger and shower her in comments.. and, don't forget to send us 3 links to your "best" posts, so we can feature you!

happy followers