Thursday, June 12, 2008

free & clear again

More storms last night. My heart goes out to those Boy Scout mothers & fathers who lost their sons last night. I can't even imagine how devastated they are.

We fared well. Tornadoes went around us again (praise God)! We did spend time in the basement. The Spiderlegs came over & brought the kitties. The boys were being stubborn & wanted to stand outside. I think Laura & I were more content where it was safe. I coerced Anthony to come down with us after awhile

After everyone went home & to bed, I had a long talk with Big A about standing out in the storms. I know he thinks they are fascinating, but, to me, storms aren't anything to mess with. I want him to have his fun, stand outside & gawk (he is a total gawker at everything). But when I feel it's necessary or at least more safe to go downstairs, I need him to come with me. Not only to calm me down (I HATE storms) but to help me with Moose. This kid was awake 2-3 hours AFTER bedtime, AFTER he'd been asleep for 2 hours. He didn't want to sit. I tried to lay with him under the stairs, but he didn't want to go to sleep. But I think Big A (kind of) understands that I'll stay upstairs while I think it's okay, but that we all need to go to the basement as a family when the time comes....even if it ends up being that nothing happens.

Today is a nice day...but I don't want to walk. This is not the week to workout (if you catch my drift!). And I'm just hoping Moose isn't a grump today; although he did sleep in until 8 (oh yeah!).

Anyway, so we're good today again, thank the Lord. Please keep the families in Omaha and Iowa (of the boyscouts) in your prayers.


Nicole said...

How scary, I'm so glad we don't have storms like that in Utah. Thanks for your comments today. If you'd like to do the card swap, they do not have to all be the same, for me that's just easier, then I don't have to be so creative. So if you want to join could you e-mail me with your e-mail address - then I can keep you posted on everything. THANKS!!!

insane mama said...

not my week either, if you catch my drift. So sad, my son is a boyscout... you think they would have known better, that is what I keep thinking. My son is going on a camping trip tomorrow, luckily our weather is mild here is CA but still, I think they should have cancelled it just to save us moms some heartache / panic.
Glad you are all OK

Mama's Losin' It said...

I feel awful for those families!! I hope you all stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Love the new picture! Very cute, and you look really good. :)~apryl

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by when I was featured on SITS. I'm just now getting caught up on visiting everyone who stopped by.

I'm so glad that you're alright. My heart breaks for the families of those boyscouts. I just can't imagine.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Look at you!! I just got an award for blog of the day and I was told I was nominated by you...I think you're officially my biggest fan, thank you so much. That most recent post I wrote about my Dad was emotionally draining for me, but what a great gift to receive in return. You totally made my day. Thank you!!

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