Tuesday, June 10, 2008

first steps...sort of

Maybe this sounds weird, but I think Moose took his first steps today. Now, I know you're thinking, "you think?" Yes, I think.
I stood him up across from Big A & I this afternoon. Then he put a little foot out and fell down. Usually, that's all he does is fall down or just stand there with his arms out like, "honestly, I'm just going to fall so pick me up." Later, he did the same thing; just moved a foot but then fell. That time it was awfully cute when he fell because he caught himself with his arms but stuck his butt all the way in the air. Too cute to handle.
I will keep you updated on his walking attempts.

Only 20 days until my baby is my big boy!


BeckyDittmer said...

i'm lonely so you can definetely call

two weeks for aunt flo or a big fat +

after chicago we had to come to this little rinky dink of a town called el paso for nick to do 2 days of meetings...thats why chicago worked out so well for our vacation

when we get back fri and i figure out next week, i'll let ;you know...but i'm 99% sure i'm coming either next week or the week after...

Anonymous said...

I think those absolutely count as first steps... It's hard for them to move those little feet. :) Congrats, he'll be running around in no time. ~apryl

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