Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Me and the boys packed up for the weekend to head to my parents' house. We did stay at a hotel to avoid (the smoke from my mom's cancer sticks) my sister's really uncomfortable (and probably 20 year old) mattress. This was one of the first times we came back home & weren't just tired of being around my family.
We were tired, however. Is it just a Moose thing or do other babies not sleep well (or at all) in playpens? Goodness. Honestly, on Friday he slept in there for about an hour (maybe). Saturday for a few hours (he was totally zonked, though) and then for about 4 hours with us in the bed. As much as I love Moose, I love it when he sleeps in his own crib. Naps are nice together...bed time is MY time!

I also got to meet the little sister's boyfriend, V. He was actually kind of cute (she usually goes for bow-wows) and was really nice! I stalk her Facebook wall, I know what kind of dirt bags she usually dates and this guy was just nice. He even helped my dad and husband put together my mom's birthday present (a new outside swing)!
The only thing I don't like is that my mom kept saying stuff about how he's always at the house on weekends and she always has to feed him.
My thoughts: where else would you rather them be? and if you won't let Pookie (who is 16, almost 17) get her driver's license, how is she supposed to get to his house? So the poor kid puts up with my mom and her comments AND he still dates Pookie. Props from me!

Anyway, we had a small family BBQ with my Grandma Marilyn, which was great so we got to spend time with her. The weather was really nice, too. Too bad my cousins didn't show up (they're the family members who wish they were in a different family).

I was talking to my dad about how fast Moose is growing up. He told me, "It all goes fast. Pretty soon you're walking them down the aisle." Oh, Dad, don't worry, deep down I'm still your little girl. But talk about a tear jerker!

My mom bought ties for us to decorate for Dad and Big A. We traced Moose's hand on A's and his foot on Dad's. They loved them. Next time we see them, I'll make them put them on (we don't know how to tie a tie or I'd take a picture now). We also gave Big A a copy of Juno (he loves that movie).

On Sunday before we went home, my dad took some pictures of my little family at a park. Whenever I get to see them, I'll post some. I'm sure they turned out cute, especially the one of A showing Moose how to put his little hand in the pool. But poor Moose was SO tired! He hadn't had a nap & had been up forever (we'd gone out to eat at Valentino's prior to this photo session). He was also probably more full than he'd ever been (thanks to the Valentino buffet). We met up with my grandma and my great-grandma for another smaller photo shoot afterwards. Now we officially have a 5 generation picture with Moose, me, Dad, Grandma Marilyn, & Great-grandma Maxine. Phew. Another picture to post when I get them.

The only downside to Father's Day was when we stopped by my in-law's on the way home. We gave FIL his card & he told Big A happy Father's Day. Nothing from my MIL. She even gave me a card & some small treats for Mother's Day, but not even a well-wishing for A on Father's Day. He was so disappointed....made me want to cry. I hate when he gets sad over something sentimental. He's such a sweet guy!

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