Saturday, June 21, 2008

day of rest

What a nice hubby I have....yes, I love to post about how wonderful he is. Eat your heart out all of you women who passed him up (*whisper* and thank you!). ANYWAY, he is skipping fishing tomorrow to give me some time to be the secondary of Moose's parents (usually, I am first in command, darn it). This week has just been brutal to my sanity (have I mentioned the wad of hair I find in my drain after each and every shower?) and my body. Have you ever had a week where you can FEEL your back just tense up at the thought of it lasting one more day? I know a massage would do wonders for me right now - where is Phoebe Buffay when you need her?

I'm thinking of taking lil Moose to the doc. I'm not sure if it's just teething that's bothering him, but he's also been messing with his ears lately, too. My thought is, of course, ear infection. However, I did read Parents or Parenting the other day & a pediatrician said that the most annoying thing parents do is bring there kids in for small things. He said they secretly joke that ear infections pay their salary. But, honestly, Moose has had, what, 5 now?
It's just so hard to tell these days with him exploring new parts of his body (yes, even those parts!) whether he's just found his ears or if they hurt. All I know is that he has been INCREDIBLY clingy (which I don't mind a whole lot) but also whiny. Yes, he's a baby and getting to the point where he wants to be understood but doesn't have the words...and maybe he's always whiny and I don't notice too much.
But he has been crying over nothing lately: his play phone closing (he can't figure out how to open it), me going to the bathroom upstairs - not peeing in general ha (he used to do this all the time but not so much for about 2-3 weeks).
I just know something is wrong, I just have to decide if it's teeth or something else. I know Moose; he's a seriously laid-back kid. A mama's boy, yes, but not like he has been for a few days. And, of course, it's the weekend (do they ever get sick during the week?).


Heather said...

I would definitely take him in. It sounds like your mommy radar is picking something up. It's usually right on.

Lill said...

HI! It is good to ease your mind and bring him to the doc. If he is pulling on his ears and has a history of ear infections I would do it just to be safe---and for your own sanity! lol.

Mar said...

You know, theres a lot to be said for Mother's intuition. I think that if he's had a history of them then it's worth getting checked out. What about fever? Does that have to be present for an ear infection? I have been so lucky that my kids have not suffered from ear infections yet. Instead I deal with rashes and loose stools, fun eh!

Good luck and I hope your little guy feels better soon. Teething is killer!

christie said...

Sweet hubby.
I hope your little one feels better...take him to see the doc.

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