Monday, June 23, 2008

7 hours later

I called the doctor this morning around 9:30 to see if she wanted to see Moose. I left a voicemail saying I thought he had ear infection, that he's been rubbing his ear, hasn't been himself, and that she had said we needed to put tubes in.

I waited and waited.

12:30 a nurse called to ask what his symptoms were (that I left on the message) and she said she had to talk to the doctor to see what she wanted to do (don't they talk to the doctor beforehand?).

I waited and waited and waited.

4:30 rolled around and still no phone call. I want Moose to feel better, darn it.

So I called back, got pushed from the receptionist to the scheduler to disconnected back to the receptionist (who acted really annoyed that I called back) to the scheduler to the really nice nurse.

She said that the doctor had just gotten to look at the notes (thanks, I've been hovering my phone all day. wish you could have told me I'd be waiting ALL DAY). Then the nurse wanted to know if I wanted to see them or the ear/nose/throat specialist.

By this time I was almost in tears because it really seemed like they didn't care one iota about this.

I told her I didn't know what was best. *awkward pause*

Then she said that we could either give him antibiotics or see the specialist. This just made me mad because I have no training in pediatrics; how am I supposed to know what is best for him? Isn't that the job of the doctor to at least make the decision with me?

So finally I said that we could at least talk to the specialist. So Wednesday morning we have a 9:00 appointment that we need to be a half an hour early for to fill out paper work.

There has GOT to be a better way to answer phone calls than just letting a worried mom worry all day. I know they are busy (especially with it being Monday), but don't they understand that I'm worried? I wouldn't call if I wasn't.

I just wish they would have said that it would take a few hours for her to look over our case and for them to get back with us instead of saying that they would call us back (to me, that says in 20 minutes or so). I really really love our doctor, I just don't like the efficiency of the office sometimes. Hopefully Wednesday will scratch out some of this worry.


jeff & apryl said...

Yuck... waiting all day for a phone call is ridiculous. I'm glad you are going to talk to the specialist, though. I know you really like your doctor, and I'm sure she is great with Tristan, but if he has had that many ear infections, it can't hurt to get another opinion. Jordan had tons of ear problems when she was a baby, and it was horrible. Sorry T is feeling sick! Yeah.. none of the walmarts around here have ANY maternity clothes. We looked for a Motherhood store on saturday, but couldn't find one, and there are no targets around. I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere!!! oh well.. we are back in nebraska (temporarily, but still happily) next week. sorry for the monster comment. :)

Heather said...

You earned an extra entry for the bounce house!

-Bridget said...

That really is a sorry way for the pedi to handle things. Also, I don't understand why it had to be an either or thing. Why can't they give you antibiotics until you see the specialist so that he can have a few days headstart on relief?

Mar said...

I'm sorry you had such a long day waiting by the phone. My office does the same thing. I try to remind myself that to me it's worrisome but to them i'm just another worried mother, and they have other responsibilities. It's hard to do sometimes tho. I'm glad you took the referral, and I agree with a previous poster, why not offer both???

Good luck and I hope your little guy feels better soon!

Lori said...

ugh! that is tough. sometimes you have to wonder if they care about the family's concerns at all

Amy said...

I hate Dr's offices. It's bad enuf they do that for grownups, but when a kid is sick, they need to have a little more concern.

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