Thursday, May 22, 2008

what now...

Big A had today off (as you know from my previous post today) so he spent the majority of it (even skipping the chance to nap with me) calling Forest Service people about job opportunities. After my hair appointment, he went to get his tux with Mr. Spider-legs and Mr. Iowa. He called me for this FS lady's number & then after he'd spoken with her called me back.

Him: Do you want the bad news or the bad news?

Me: (cringe) both.

Him: Well, the lady said she's been looking for someone to fill this position since November and she just filled it May 8th.

Me: (cringe a lot more)

Him: And she said she narrowed this down to 6 guys & I was one of them, but since I [stupidly] took my application out of consideration, she skipped over me.
* the [] are from me

Me: (cringe just before tears) Ok

Him: We'll find something.

Me: (starting to cry) we're going to be here forever

Anyway, he comforts me as best he can over the phone; I'm not sure he knew how upset I was. It just sucks because we could have had a job. We could have moved to Idaho.

Now what? We wait until November for him to find a new job. He said if he doesn't get any of these jobs, he'll ask for a raise from his current boss (a $3 raise). If he doesn't get it, he said he'll quit. But then what?

Too many "what"s.


Ryan said...

Hey, I've been watching the Washington wildlife jobs for you and Anthony. If anything comes around, I'll let you know :). (Its the least I can do plus I cant lie that I'd totally be happy if I had a friend in my area :P)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry sweetie, I know you guys were really counting on that one. :( You won't be stuck here forever... just a little bit longer.


Kathy said...

Awwww...bummer. Don't worry, things will work out in time. Just keep trying!!

ps You're right a 9.8 fat head would be treacherous on the vagina!!!

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