Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thirteen Thursday

13 Reasons I Adore Rainy Days:

1. My husband stays home (he works outside).
2. Naps are SO much better when the sun's not shining
3. Rain = no walks = lazy day
4. Everything gets greener outside
5. Movies & popcorn
6. Even the baby seems more relaxed
7. If we do venture out, I don't have to use (as much) sunscreen
8. Cooler weather (I'm a fan of spring, not summer)
9. Getting to show Moose rain
10. Thunder (it used to scare me, now it's almost relaxing *unless it's one of those really loud ones)
11. Rain really brings out the God in everything (more & more life comes out)
12. The smell of it just before it rains (after, it smells like fish/worms)
13. I get my hair dyed today (going back to au natural because I'm too lazy/poor to keep dying it blonde)


baby~amore' said...

I love the rain too but not every day.
Great reasons especially 4.5. and 11

Beautiful ♥
thanks for visiting me
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insane mama said...

I love the rain too! Here in Ca. we don't get much but yesterday we got some and it smelled so good

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