Tuesday, May 20, 2008

teeth grinding

Now that Tristan has 4 1/2 (or like 2 full and 3 halves -whatever) teeth, he grinds them. I'm not so concerned with the affects of this later in life...my doctor's nurse said her kid did it and a neighbor said his kid did it. I'm hoping once the newness of the feel and sound wear off, he'll stop.

But...the....noise....drives....me....nuts! Seriously, I try to get him to stop because when I hear it, I can literally feel it churning my stomach into tiny little pieces. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard. I shaved my legs last night but after holding Tristan for 2.5 seconds and hearing his grinding, it's like they were never shaved (ok, not that bad, but he did give me goosebumps).

When I first heard him grinding his teeth, I thought he'd picked up a piece of gravel off the floor or out of Anthony's shoes and was eating it. No kidding. It's awful.

I hate teeth grinding. I'm not a grinder, I'm a teeth clencher. I will wake up and sometimes my whole face hurts because I've clenched my teeth so badly. But my older sister, Wild Thing, was definitely a teeth grinder. She even had one of those mouth guards you have to like mold to your teeth - always fell out, didn't cure the grinding. I can't remember if my younger sis, Boy Hopper (hopefully I can change that nickname someday), does or not. But she snores.

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