Friday, May 30, 2008

storms storms storms

Here is my TWLOHA art today. I hope Mrs. S knows this is for her because I'm so proud of her and so thankful that she found Jesus just when she did in life.
So tornadoes tore through my home state of Nebraska last night. Sirens went off in my hometown & the closest "bigger little town," Kearney was hit pretty hard. It's weird to see a town I consider my 2nd home town (as I spent a lot of my growing up life there) on Good Morning America. Apartment buildings where my friends lived and the county fair grounds just destroyed. Surreal. I'm really thankful that there were no deaths and no serious injuries. And my dad works in Kearney, so I'm glad he made it home before the tornadoes touched down.

A cell from Kansas was headed towards us. It hit Fairbury pretty hard, I guess. But we just got thunder & lightening. I just cuddled up to Anthony & made him cuddle back. The light was really bright - seriously looked like it was right out our window. That's one thing I hate about having our bedrooms on the 2nd floor. I'd much rather be on the main floor or in the basement. This morning, Moose woke up around 6 & I brought him into the room with me (hoping for a few minutes more of sleep). He didn't sleep but he was so sweet to just lay there & suck his thumb and pretend to sleep. Then this LOUD clap of thunder made us both jump. It was cute.

TGIF : Thank God I'm Forgiven (and that's it's Friday)

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