Thursday, May 29, 2008

reason for a new couch

Yesterday a friend stopped by to visit, & Moose was eating some Cheerios that I had set on our end table. He was finished & was leaning down to sit on the floor when he hit his head on the corner of our couch (under the cushion). When he got back up, it looked like someone had punched him in the face with a diamond ring, leaving an imprint in his forehead. Then it started to kind of get blood in it (it never squirted or anything). I was like "oh my gosh, baby, come here, let me look." Which of course, he wouldn't let me look. He whined for a few seconds & just wanted to play. I called the doctor because it's his head, for pete's sakes! But the nurse said unless he acts funny or needs stitches, he's probably fine. So I just gave him some Tylenol (which he probably appreciated anyway because of his teething) & let him play. I told him that at least now I had a reason (a good reason) to get a new couch. So hopefully this weekend we'll go up to Omaha & pick out a new couch (and maybe chair). Just wish our stupid stimulus check would come in...

Then here's my picture of today's TWLOHA art. Sorry about the lack of quality picture.


insane mama said...

Yea, where is my stupid check too!
I thought they were coming in May.
poor baby
remember that injuries to the head are usualy fine, they just look bad. Just to make moms worry and buy new couches and then worry more because the stimulas chack hasn't arrived.
I swear

Ryan said...

Haha, wow he got a nice whack there!

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