Sunday, May 18, 2008

oh what a beautiful weekend!

This was another nice, pretty average weekend. Saturday was the city garage sales in a town about 10 miles away. Unfortunately, there were less than 10 garage sales in the entire town. We bought a Husker t-shirt & body spray for me and 4 cookies for us to share. Wow. We drove up to NC & a Relay for Life team was having a car wash so we stopped. Made a Wal-mart run. Couldn't find a shirt for Moose to wear to the nuptials next weekend so I'm going to have to dig through his 2T clothes & hope I find something appropriate.
Today we went to church. I'll tell you that the church we attend is in the midst of a pastor search so it's someone new every week. The guy who spoke today wasn't completely new; he spoke about a month ago or so. He's a good speaker so I enjoyed the service. Music was more off than usual - their monitors weren't giving them feedback at all - but the words are more important than the sound. It's really hard for me to remember that at times.
Afterwards was a potluck & I did get to chat with who I consider to be the Perfect Mom (although she would disagree, this is how she comes off to me). She is such a sweet lady; I really should invite her to a play date. I just don't know how to set up play dates without bothering the mom to haul all of her kids to come here. I don't want it to be a bother, of course.
Throughout the afternoon we took naps here at the S Club household. Moose , then Big A, then myself. A worked out in the basement & I did some workout stuff also down there, too. Then we went for an evening walk before supper. 3 miles almost. It was such a nice afternoon! We walked on the sidewalk beside the highway; Moose was so excited to watch the passing cars.
Moose went to bed around 7:30 so that means tomorrow will be an early morning, but he was just so tired. I really think he still needs 3 naps; just that third one is hard to get him down for. I think we'll try for 8, 12, and 3. Hopefully he'll take that last nap & then hit the sack for night a bit later. So now it's just us time....which we use to do dishes, update the blog, and watch a little bit of the AMC awards. I'm kind of surprised because Anthony has control of the remotes - he hates award shows!
Oh and on our way home from our walk, we came across 3 little kittens. They followed us home! I don't know where their mama is, but now there's one and he or she is crying outside. Anyone want a kitty???? I wish we could keep them all; we just can't have animals in our apartment. But it just breaks my heart to hear them cry. I told Big A to take them out to his parents' house but he said they'd notice babies. Drat.

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