Thursday, May 8, 2008

my little love notes

For about a month or two, Big A has been leaving me these torn-off pieces of paper in my phone with little sweet nothings written on them. Sometimes they are from him and Tristan; more often just from Anthony. Today's snippet was:
"You are so beautiful to me. God is awesome for creating the beauty in you. I love you!"
Isn't it fabulous to have such a loving husband? Poor guy has to put up with my crap (and even worse - hormones - which are especially bad about once a month) and he still loves me.
And it's not just that A loves me, but he's the nicest person I've ever met. When I complain about someone (like Mrs. Beady) he just doesn't understand. It's not even being naive (which he totally can be); it's just this genuine niceness. I'm just blown away by his kindness even to people I know he doesn't love (like his ex-stalkers who I think are still in love with him). Why aren't more people just sweet like that? I live with the guy & I'm still not that lovely. But I'm very blessed to have such a blessing in my life.

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