Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my little biter

Yes, that's right.

He did it.

He bit me.


What do you do when a 10-month-old bites you? Sure, you tell him no and that biting is bad. But does he understand?

Who knew a little baby bite could hurt so badly? He bruised my shoulder.

Want to know why he bit me? He wanted down, I'm pretty sure.



insane mama said...

Ouch, my daughter was a biter also
at first I think she did it for attention, then when she was about 1 1/2 I bit her back, not too hard, but enough that it made an inpact.
Or they are just Brats :)

jfrank said...

Welcome to the biting. I don't always know why the kiddos at school bite, but some reasons I do know are best friends and don't like that person. a good way to get rid of them is to rub them out and then apply ice immediately after it happens. Not that that is useful now but for futher happenings(hopefully not).

Kathy said...

How is it the baby's head in that video is bigger than the boys head?? So funny!

When my kids get the urge to bite me I push my finger, or my arm, or whatever it is further back into their mouth instead of pulling away. They let go real fast after that. And I tried insane mama's tactic too. I've bit my kids AND pulled their hair...I wouldn't say it was totally ineffective.

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