Saturday, May 10, 2008


I cannot wait to move. I hate apartment living. Honestly, it's like I've never had my own space. I don't mind sharing a house with Big A & Moose, of course. I just feel like I share a house with people I don't know. I lived with my sisters (in the same room - that sucked). I lived in the dorms (with a horrible roommate, then suitemates - that sucked). At our first apartment, we lived across from some of the noisiest people (sorry to Apryl who has to live next to them now). Now at this apartment, our neighbor to the north has up to 8 others living in her 2 bedroom apartment while our new neighbors to the south have 5 people living in their apartment. How is it that our lease says that we can only accommodate 3 people in our apartment while they have zoos in theirs?? That doesn't seem right, especially with the northern neighbors - that has to be against some fire marshal code, right? What annoys me most are the paper-thin walls. I adore hearing everyone else's kids (I'm sure they adore hearing Moose too at 5:30am) especially when it's nap time. I wonder how much better he could nap if it weren't for people galloping up the stairs, shouting through walls, or just being kids. I understand they are just kids which is why I (usually) try not to let it bother me. But UGHH it just gets frustrating. If we have to rent anymore, I'd rather rent a house or at least an apartment with thick walls. gtg - that nap wasn't too long.

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