Sunday, May 18, 2008

Into the Wild

If you don't mind a bit of nudity (it's a rated R film - both male & female nudity...none of it really needed in the film, but whatever), this is a great film. Normally, we don't get rated R movies, but this was about a boy going to Alaska. I think my husband really wants to end up in AK so we got it. If you liked the film/documentary Grizzly Man, you really will love this. If you love Thoreau or Jack London; also a film to see. Basically it's about a boy whose world was rocked by his parents' past and deception. He was a noncomformist, a modern-day hippie, someone who wanted to make his own rules and not be ruled by the norm. He's a very deep character. The most amazing part is that this is a true story. These events actually happened to Christopher Mccandless. It's seriously worth the rental money.


Ryan said...

Yeah that movie was pretty good. We seen it in the theaters cause David's dad was interested in it, and it was a good movie. I think the nudity at least like when he was swimming and stuff made it seem more.. like it was real. The crazy wild has no FCC regulations on what it can do. :D

Randi said...

I don't know, I wouldn't swim naked no matter where I was...guess that's the difference between me and...well, the rest of the world.

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