Tuesday, May 13, 2008

exploring with my bubba

Sunday we went to the zoo in Omaha. Oh, it was packed! But it was also so much fun and totally worth the crowd. Just to watch his little eyes light up as he saw an animal move or fly. It was quite a feat to get him to actually see what we were looking at, but once he saw things. He would kick his legs and flail his arms like "holy cow! What's that??"
One of the first things he saw was a little turtle swimming in a small tank. He made one of his little noises. He kept putting his hand up to his mouth all day like "oh my!" He'd never done that before, so it was adorable.

We did go through the jungle but Moose wasn't too thrilled with the howling monkeys. I couldn't figure out what was making this awful loud noise; I assumed it was some birds. Oh no, howling monkeys. Moose started to bawl - poor baby. When they stopped being obnoxious, he didn't mind them. I guess it's not loud enough at our house to get him used to those types of noises.
The aquarium was my favorite part. Moose got to actually pet a horseshoe crab (the picture is in the right column). I don't know if he was more excited about the water or the crab but it was cool to watch him reach down (with Daddy's guiding hands) to touch this ugly little creature.
Getting to watch the penguins up close was probably a highlight of his day, too. He's almost as big as a gentoo penguin (and bigger than 2-3 other kinds). When other little fish swam by him in the aquarium, he was so excited. He loves water, mind you, so I imagine he was like "I'll take a bath with you!"
Of course, the little guy didn't take a nap all day while we were there. He did have a slight one just when we got there, but woke up when we took him out of the truck. Otherwise he did so well there just being a good boy; didn't get too mad when we weren't prompt to feed him lunch.
Moose is a hot hot hot boy, so we had to keep taking off his sweatshirt or his shirt throughout the day. We walked through the Desert Dome with him shirtless, but stopped by a waterfall to cool him off. The faces he made when sprayed by water was priceless.
The day was getting long so we decided to head to the giraffe exhibit as our last stop. Before we went to the zoo, I asked Moose if he wanted to see giraffes like in his animal train. So I was excited to share these tall creatures with my son. It was cool because he is only 13 days older than the calf that was in there. He was excited to see the giraffes, too; just checking out how tall they were and how they moved.
It was a wonderfully relaxing trip. I needed it to just break up the mundaneness of life.


Kathy said...

Wow that looks like fun! I haven't been to the zoo in forever...maybe it's time to plan a little trip. Little guy is adorable!!

Kathy said...

Yeah...we're SO going to the zoo now.

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