Friday, May 9, 2008

the coming weekend

Tonight Big A is helping Mr. Spiderlegs & his brother-in-law move a fridge from the O to down here. That's fine, kind of gave me some alone time since my little guy was especially sleepy early after a 5:45am wake-up. Darn. But A said something about how I'll have him the rest of the weekend. That answer sufficed until...I remembered...he's helping Mr. and Mrs. Beady move tomorrow. Sucky! I guess we'll at least have Sunday together (if we could ever decide what we're going to do that day).

On a sort of positive note, A did figure out why he was failing the basic qualifications for those jobs. He didn't have this special little note thing that says when he worked for the FS previously! Oh! Gotcha! So he is going to fax the place in St. Louis to get the note and hopefully that will solve our unqualified mystery. On a not-so-good note, this does leave him unavailable for the Driggs job and the Minnesota job because he would get the little teacher's note too late. And it possibly may make him unavailable for the Ashton job because all of that paperwork is due Monday. The note takes about 10-14 days, so unless Ashton passes his added sentence of "paperwork pending," then that one's out too. That would suck because that's the last of our permanent hopefuls. If that one is disqualified then all we have left are temporaries, which is fine except we want to buy and house & settle down, you know?

As always, it's all in God's hands!

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