Friday, May 23, 2008


Does anyone else feel like the cartoon character, Cathy? You know the spunky cute one? Ok, the one who has a few pounds to shed? Well, I do. Each time Anthony randomly brings home comics from his parents' house, I look forward to reading about Cathy's situation that day. Will she be trying on 50 different outfits for an occassion before going insane? What new diet will she be on? The pancake-only diet? The cupcake-only diet? And she just can't seem to find the right diet to fit her lifestyle or the right outfit to fit her hips.
I'm writing this after I tried on 4 different tops and 2 different bottoms (and 2 different pairs of shoes) for a wedding rehearsal. I'm not in the wedding...who cares what I look like, right? Ask my husband, every Sunday around 9:00 am I am doing the exact thing. No one goes to church to see what I'm wearing either. Who cares if my khaki Bermudas are a bit snug just yet.
It's not like I'm not working out (I ran/walked 3 miles today - that's 28 total). I'm watching what I eat (and snack). My portions are down, my snacks are 23 calories each (thank you Jolly Rancher...ok maybe not the best choice but they take awhile to melt so it keeps me occupied). I'm fitting in to more and more clothing each week (the snug jeans are *this* close to fitting me really well).
But I still feel like Cathy. At least we both found love with men who love us...muffin tops and all.

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insane mama said...

I always try to think that if it took 9 months to create tha little cutie, then it should take at least nin months to get the weight off...
If your child is 12 months old the same rule applies

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