Thursday, April 24, 2008

student loans

A week ago (or so) I got this big huge envelope from PSC telling me I needed student loan exit counseling. I finally got around to it today (Laura I used you as a reference, hope you don't mind...sorry). I was just wondering why there isn't an option for repayment like this: "I'm not going to repay this loan. My husband is." They ask for your employer, but I really wanted to put "I married a sugar daddy (not a rich one, but one nonetheless)."

And I'm annoyed SO badly with my neighbors. There are seriously over 10 people living next door at the moment (I'm serious and it's a 2 bedroom apartment). This means there are at least 3 cars parked outside their apartment at any given time (they have even more cars but park on the street). It would not bother me so much but not ONE of them can park straight, so usually there is a car slanted behind my car. Thanks, I don't go anywhere (ok, I know I don't a lot but c'mon, sometimes I go to the store or the college town). It's not that hard to park straight...really. I can even back up and do it (and I'm not that good at parking in reverse).
Edit: I'm even more annoyed with the neighbors. I was upstairs changing Moose & I come down to see one of the little girls peeking in my window (with the blinds almost all closed). Now, when the 2 year old did that, fine. She's curious. This was the 8 year old (or was it 11)!! Creepy.

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dont apologize. you can use me all you want! i like it! :) he he he

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