Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As much as I would love to finish my own scrapbook (or at least catch up as it's a continuing process), I'd REALLY like to make money by scrapbooking for someone else. I'm not sure how much to charge or how long it would take me, but it would be fun. Ideally, I'd like to make special occasion ones like a wedding or birthday party or baby or anniversary. Ones like my own would be too hard to do I think. I know I could sell them on ebay but the bad thing is, I would really like to go about this in this way: get the pictures, go through them with the person and talk about them a little. Then make pages and such WITH the pictures instead of making a layout and having them plug in pictures. I don't mind doing that, as I have for people, but sometimes there are more pictures than pages in that case. Plus, I also never know if people have actually put pictures into them. I know Sara is using hers for Sutton, but I don't know if Sarah has used hers. I can't remember about Laura's...and my mom's I even put pictures in it. She was to put in the card we used to announce that we were pregnant; that's not in it. I gave it to her at Christmas with hopes she would continue the pictures (because obviously I didn't have Christmas pictures or St. Patty's day pictures, etc.), but I know if I don't give her pictures and put them in there myself, it won't get done.
If anyone knows of someone (like a high school or college senior or expecting mom) and think they would be interested in the such (in the case of the seniors, probably their parents...and the expecting mom, maybe someone interested in giving her a shower gift), let me know or have them email me ra.schmid@hotmail.com If they email me, have them put "scrapbooking" as the subject so I know it's not spam.
Just some thoughts on how to make some money.

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