Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lincoln adventures

After a not exciting Friday, A & I decided that we needed to get rid of some clothes: mine, his, Moose's. This morning, our dryer was also heating up...probably close to catching fire (cool, right?). So we also decided we needed a new washer/dryer set. This was the start of our adventure.
We bought totes at NC Wal-mart yesterday. I went through Moose's baby clothes & put a lot into a "we don't need this many clothes" pile. I went through my own closet & put some into a "I fit into this in high school, I will never wear this again" pile. Big A also got rid of some clothes. We went through boxes & totes in our basement and made piles of "we don't need this, don't want this, won't use this, and have too many of these (purses)" pile. We loaded all of that into our truck (after loading it all into 2 totes, a box, and some carry-on items). We loaded Tristan & his toys and food into the truck & headed for Lincoln.
We basically spent all day running around to various places (Once Upon a Child, Plato's Closet, Fashion II, Twice as Nice) trying to get consignment stores to buy clothes. We went to 2 pawn shops to sell A's amp & sub. We ended up taking a lot of the clothes to Good Will. Awesome. We really didn't do too bad and were just glad to be rid of that stuff. It was a long day. Then we went to Home Depot & got a washer & dryer which will be delivered sometime this week!! The guy who sold it to us is also going out of their delivery area to get it to us & take our crap ones away. How nice is that?
Then we didn't have any other plans for the evening so we headed to Peru for G's game night. It was fun but a late night. Moose did really well, sat with some girls he's never met for quite awhile. He fell asleep without fussing too badly (just babbles). We were playing a game & Mrs. Beady got loud & woke him up. But after his initial "omg where am I?" cry, he was fine. And now he's sleeping soundly (as is probably Moose in his little crib.
Maybe it wasn't the most exciting day, but it wasn't too bad. Hopefully tomorrow will prove to be alright, too. Church...I'm going to the choir concert...a little homework to finish up.

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