Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's so frustrating working with doctors and nurses. Honestly, I could call 4 different doctors in one day & probably get 4 different varieties of advice. Moose has a runny nose & cough. Not a big deal except his coughing is keeping him from having quality naps and his runny nose makes it impossible to suck his thumb & sleep at night. I don't enjoy getting woke up at 2 or 3 am...neither does A. Last time Moose was sick, we went to a doctor out in Kearney. He said we could give him something like Mucinex (we got the off-brand) with an Expectorant. Well we ran out so I went to Pamida to get something similar but they had nothing that was JUST an expectorant; everything had that PLUS a nasal decongestant (the one thing I know they are recommending babies not have). So I called the hospital last night & they said I should check with my doctor. So I called the doctor this morning, waited a few hours, & they called back. Said to suck his nose with an aspirator, put Vicks on him (children's), and put a humidifier in his room. Done all that, none of it seems to help. Elevate him to sleep. So I have to go through another year and some months before I can give him cough medicine?? Why did the last doctor say "give him this". I guess I just don't understand why there isn't a universal rule. Because if one doctor says A is okay but B says no, who's right? Who's putting my child at risk?

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Ryan said...

Man yous being a busy bee! So have you decided then to keep going on this? :D

BTW that first picture of tristan is awesome.. Dont take my picture mom!!1

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